Monthly archives: December, 2015

7 Year Bitch: Live Interview and Signing


Sunday, January 17, 2016at 1:30 PM in PST EMP Museum 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109 Get Tickets! Click here to see the event on Facebook Seattle’s 7 Year Bitch joins EMP for a live interview and signing in preparation of the release of their newest album, Live At Moe (2016). Seattle’s 7 Year…

Spark Mag – Some Things Don’t Come Full Circle


The Legendary band is writing their own story, and attempting to heal, through the release of their upcoming live album, “7 Year Bitch: Live at Moe” Read the full story…

BUST – 7 Year Bitch Releases Newest Album in 20 Years


Existing for a name-appropriate yet short-lived seven years during the heyday of 90s riot grrrl, 7 Year Bitch reunites to release an uncovered live album from 1996. Read the full story…

Billboard – 7 Year Bitch’s ‘Miss Understood’ Live: Hear Preview of First New Album in 20 Years


Seattle grunge punks 7 Year Bitch aren’t reuniting, but they are releasing their first album in 20 years when Live at Moe drops on Jan. 15, 2016. Read the full story…

7 Year Bitch Rocks! 7 Year Bitch Rocks!