Selene, Elizabeth, Valerie and Stefanie meet one another in Seattle and decide to form a band together (circa early October 1990)


7 Year Bitch plays first show with a three song set at OK Hotel in Seattle as the opening act of a Rathouse Books For Prisoners benefit (November 21, 1990)


Lorna single released (1991)

Lorna single-backLorna single-backlornasinglevinyllornavinylsinglebacklornasinglecloseuplornavinylsingleinsert

7 Year Bitch plays International Pop Underground Convention in Olympia (August 20, 1991)

International Pop Underground Festival/Olympia/August 20–25, 1991international-pop-underground-convention-closeup

7 Year Bitch opens three shows for Red Hot Chili Peppers (February 1992)

Opening for RHCP7YB & RHCP

7 Year Bitch plays New Music Seminar in New York City (June 1992)

7YB Times Square 1992 #27YB Times Square 1992 #11992 New Music Seminar Ad

Guitarist Stefanie Sargent passes away in Seattle (June 27, 1992)

Stef's wakestef comet

After a period of grieving and reflection, 7 Year Bitch recruits Roisin Dunne to replace Stefanie Sargent (fall 1992)

Photo by David Hawkins

Photo by David Hawkins

Sick ‘Em released (October 1, 1992)

Sick 'Em (1992)

Sick 'Em advance cassette

Sick ‘Em advance cassette

7 Year Bitch appears on the cover of Seattle music publication The Rocket (November 1992)


In Lust Your Trust video released (1992)

In Europe, 7 Year Bitch’s first headlining tour starts, using local bands in each city as openers (January 1993)

Our Cute Fans

West Coast tour with L7 and Love Battery starts (April 4, 1993)


US tour with Silverfish starts (April 1993 – need specific date)

US Tour with Cypress Hill and Rage Against The Machine starts (November 17, 1993)


US Tour with Loudspeaker starts ( June 2, 1994)


liz acoustic with text


Satyricon/Portland/June 2, 1994. Photo by Dan Stone.

band1 Satyricon/Portland/June 2, 1994. Photo by Dan

¡Viva Zapata! released (June 28, 1994)

Viva Zapata (1994)viva zapata collage

US tour with Alice Donut and Unsane starts (circa September 1994 – need specific date)


Hip Like Junk video released (1994)

7 Year Bitch appears in the movie Mad Love (May 26, 1995)

7 Year Bitch fan page goes online (January 1996)

7YB Page 1996-02-01 scaled

7 Year Bitch fan page redesigned (circa March 1996)

7YB Page 2008-12-03 scaled

Gato Negro released (March 12, 1996)

Gato Negro FrontGato Negro Backgato negro collagegato negro group photo

Mini tour with Season To Risk starts (circa April 1996 – need specific date)


Summerland tour with Everclear, Spacehog, Tracy Bonham and 7 Year Bitch starts (June 29, 1996)


Note: The original opening date of this tour was June 26th, but Everclear cancelled and the show never took place. 7 Year Bitch played a headlining show in Seattle that night instead.

24,900 Miles Per Hour video released (1996)

24,000 MPH-square-scaled

Longtime 7 Year Bitch soundwoman Lisa Faye Beatty replaces Roisin Dunne as guitarist (fall 1996)


West Coast tour with Lost Goat starts (May 22, 1997)


7 Year Bitch website is launched (October 31, 2015)


Live At Moe announced (November 23, 2015)

Live At Moe (January 16, 2016)

Live At Moe (To be released January 16, 2016)

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