“The Scratch” on Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth Of Grunge (LiveWire Recordings, 2006)

“M.I.A.” on Whatever: The 90’s Pop & Culture Box (Flying Rhino Records/WEA, 2005)

“Shake Appeal” on We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute (Royalty Records, 1997) (previously unreleased)

“Rock-A-Bye Baby” on She’s A Rebel (Beloved/Shanachie Records, 1997)

“Damn Good And Well” on Rough Cuts: The Best Of Rough Trade Publishing, 1991-1995 (Rough Trade Publishing, 1997)

“Knot (Live)” on Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sub Pop Records, 1996) (previously unreleased)

“24,900 Miles Per Hour” on huH Music Sampler No. 23 (promo only, RayGun Press, 1996)

“Mad Dash” on Home Alive: The Art Of Self-Defense (Epic Records, 1996) (previously unreleased)

“M.I.A.” on Notes From The Underground, Vol. 2 (Priority Records, 1995)

“The Scratch” on Take A Lick (promo only, BMG, 1995)

“Damn Good And Well” on Space Mountain (Rough Trade Publishing, 1995)

“The Scratch” and “Icy Blue” on the Mad Love Motion Picture Soundtrack (Zoo Records, 1995)

“Kiss My Ass Goodbye” on Seattle Women In Rock: A Diverse Collection (Insight Records, 1995) (different from ¡Viva Zapata! version)

“Dead Men Don’t Rape” on Progression: Rape Crisis Compilation (Progression, 1994)

“In Lust You Trust” on Rawk Atlas (promo only, C/Z Records, 1993)

1993 Peel Sessions “The Scratch” / “Rock A Bye Baby” / “Dead Men Don’t Rape” / “Knot” (promo only release recorded live in the studio for the John Peel Radio Show, contains early working versions of two ¡Viva Zapata! songs)

“The Scratch” on Power Flush: San Francisco, Seattle & You (Rathouse/Broken Rekids, 1993) (different from ¡Viva Zapata! version)

“Dead Men Don’t Rape” on There’s A Dyke In The Pit (Outpunk/Harp Records, 1992) (different from Sick ‘Em version)

“8-Ball Deluxe” on Kill Rock Stars (CD version, Kill Rock Stars, 1992) (different from Sick ‘Em version)

Additional appearances:

“No Soul” single by the band Unsane on which Selene makes a guest appearance

“Bliss” single by the band Sons Of Bitches on which Elizabeth sings a duet

Enter The Conquering Chicken album by The Gits on which 7 Year Bitch helps out with backing vocals

“Pirate Song (Bay of Pigs)” on Bobbing For Pavement, The Rathouse Compilation (Rathouse/Broken Rekids, 1995) performed by The Gits, Mia Zapata, Subvert, Ben London, and 7 Year Bitch


7 Year Bitch Rocks! 7 Year Bitch Rocks!